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Best Sellers

Anna Corner Sofa

65,000 53,000
The Anna Corner sofa in fabric 3 seater right hand chaise sofa combines clean lines and slender proportions in a sleek, contemporary design with pillowy back cushions. Narrow arms create a larger seating area

Bubble 3 Seater Sofa

39,000 30,000
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Bubble Corner Sofa

65,000 50,000
Bubble Corner Sofa has a very sink in seating comfort, made with the combination of various density foams like premium soft layer sandwich with high resilience PU Foam for lasting durability, best for living rooms and Bed room.

Cumber Arm Chair

26,000 18,000
Cumber Arm Chair is a piece of art which gives a ecstatic look for your living room and as well as for bedroom corners and ideal for library to loose time for long hours of reading your favorites comes in all color and can also be custom made.

Fabio Recliner

35,000 19,000
Fabio Recliner is the recliner which is designed in a way that it looks sleek and the top comfort of a premium recliners  

Febura 3 Seater Sofa

39,000 32,000
Find creative ways to provide as much information as possible to properly inform the shopper without overwhelming them with words.

Gravite Sofa 3 Seater

40,000 34,000
Stuck for you guests sleeping bed ? Gravite will help you with this. Upholstered in a soft fabric with chunky piping detail – it’s a contemporary modern sofa by day, and a handy place for loved ones to have sweet dreams at night.

Orion 3 Seater Sofa

40,000 36,000
Slack Living is always know for affordable designer piece of  furniture - something we are good at, Which is why we worked together on this elegant sofa - made here in Bengaluru India, Orion is designed with a traditional theme, and upholstered with a two color weave fabric. beautified by adding the contrast color piping.  

Shabnav Corner Sofa

60,000 50,000
Shabnav corner sofa is no lightweight sofa as per durability– take a seat and you’ll feel how well-crafted seating comfort is . Its versatility is just an added bonus, especially if you're having a small area for comfort corner.
Height (cm)83
Width (cm)247
Depth (cm)92/155[lounge]

Sleeprail Upholstered Bed

65,000 45,000
The timeless lines of the Sleeprail upholstered bed make it a perpetually stylish highlight of your bedroom. A fully upholstered and plushy headboard complements the matching low-profile footboard and side rails in versatile slate grey tweed

Arm Chairs (1)

Arm Chairs (1)

Arm Chairs (1)

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